Mobiler Solar

Sunload‘s portable solar chargers are lightweight, convenient, silent, easy to use, and provide the power you need to extend your mission!



Military electronic devices provide operational features including; data file transfer, voice transmission, two-way radio communications, laser rangefinders, biological-Radiation-Gas sensors, thermal image capture, long-range viewing, electronic sighting, night vision, BGAN satellite terminal and phones, portable GPS and laptop computing. Many of these features need to extend for days if not weeks requiring remote power to complete the mission. Without access to power, the device batteries can completely drain and shut down in 3 hours or less requiring the soldier to either carry additional batteries or find a power source for recharging.

The Sunload solar modules provide a clean, renewable portable power option for extending device and battery operation so that you can continue operating the system. The man-pack solar unit, 62 Wp, is designed to deliver between 150-400 watt hours per day, depending on time of year, locations, and sun availability, and can fully recharge an Army issue 2590 rechargeable battery in 4-5 hours. Our lightweight products have been designed for rapid recharging of various battery types: 12-volt deep cycle lead-acid, BB-390 nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH), BB-590 nickel cadmium (NiCad), BB-2590 lithium ion (Li-ION).

Sunload‘s portable solar chargers are compact and easy to carry in rucksacks or a carrying case such as a Pelican or Storm case. Accessories are available for your specific connectivity and charging needs.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weight less than 1.5 kg
  • Silent, efficient solar cells that work even in low light, cloudy and cold conditions
  • Grommets for mounting or securing
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Built-in voltage cap on 12 watt models
  • SAE 2-prong water-resistant trailer plug connections
  • Durable – GSE CIGS cells cannot be broken like common crystalline silicon photovoltaic materials
  • Conforms to military standards (MIL-STD-810)
  • Cell Temperature Operating Range – 40 °C to 80 °C


  • Easy to transport and use
  • Use anywhere without disruptive noises
  • Stake or tie down in an ideal location for maximum sun exposure
  • Weakly reflective
  • Unlimited uses
  • Effective in both dry and damp environments
  • Will not overcharge or damage electronic devices and batteries
  • Can withstand rough transportation and harsh operating conditions
  • Meets the United States Army‘s series of standard environmental tests

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